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tting in a low voice with a group of people headed by Baigu Guan Daozi. What.

After seeing this, especially watching the momentum on Langxiao Peak carefully, with this battle, Chu Weiyang’s place should be clear in a short time, Shi Yuting then moved his eyes away, Shi Shi Then he stood up from his sitting position.
At this moment, as if the mysterious music that Qing He played the piano earlier was still echoing in his ears, Shi Yuting gently twisted his waist, as if he was still dancing to a certain rhythm in his heart.
Just like Qing He’s preference for music and Taoism, no matter what the frivolous purpose, just talking about the hobby itself, Shi Yuting really likes dance itself.
At this time, as Shi Yuting’s waist twisted, the hem of his plain robe and gauze swayed, causing waves of fragrant wind. At this time, Shi Yuting himself lowered his head and saw the clothes flying. The ups and downs.
Suddenly, Shi Yuting paused, as if he was thinking about something. After a while, he raised his head with a slightly rosy face and looked at Qing He who was a little confused.
“This plain robe and gauze garment are still too thick. I’ll change into something lighter for my master. By the way, He’er, just think about it. Later, let’s practice one more time. You play “White Jade Flute” “Music”, try Jinghong Dance as a teacher!”
When the words fell, Xu was ashamed himself. Without waiting for Qinghe’s reaction, Shi Yuting walked to the other side of the screen to change his clothes.
But in the same place, Qing He was dumbfounded at first, then his face turned red like his master’s, and finally he smiled dumbly.
Look, who just said that Israel cannot serve people for long? In the blink of an eye, I wanted to teach the young master to enjoy the beauty of Baihualou more. My master’s mouth was really full of nonsense.
You must know that “playing the white jade flute and performing the Jinghong Dance” is enough to rank at the forefront even among those dances inherited from Baihua Tower that use sex to entertain people.
“Rising in the wind, enchanting and startling”
On Jingyuan Island, nine peaks surround the edge. In the middle, the mountains stand out, rising high. And between the mountains and the nine peaks, there is a large flat and open space.
These open spaces themselves were separated one after another in the past, and they were supposed to be the dojos for cultivators on Fire Dragon Island.
Unfortunately, according to the invisible handprint, the twelve main islands were closed together, and everything on the island was wiped out by the supreme power in one breath.
Not to mention that there is any reason like blood debt, just thinking about this quietly, there is no “harmony” in the heart of the Yushu Dragon King for a long time!
/People like this have inadvertently revealed their true brutality and bloodiness in every detail.
After being aware of it, he doesn’t care, and continues to deliberately whitewash the appearance that he still cares about, deceiving himself and others, relying on his old age and