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ame through. The pale face conveyed it very clearly, but Zhu Peng didn’t know whether she was worried about herself, or worried about her embarrassing position in Blood Soul Ridge if she died in battle.

With an unknown smile, Zhu Peng stood alone on the cloud eagle demon bird to fight against seven undead demon dragons and a demon gate ghost car of unknown origin, and quickly used the Purple Soul Sky Eyes to transform into the “Ghost Lamp” for the third time. “Guide the way”, switching the control of the demon bird under his feet to his own hands, Zhu Peng must control it accurately, otherwise if it is shot down from mid-air, even if he is not afraid of the terrifying potential energy of landing directly from a thousand meters high, he will not be able to control it accurately. Zhu Peng, who can wield a sword and fly into the sky, also has to worry about the severe blows he will endure during his fall.
Chapter 334 Mid-air battle, sneaking in
Controlling the Cloud Eagle Demon Bird, he tried to keep a safe distance from the seven-headed Demonic Dragon of Death while trying to land as low as possible. The most troublesome thing was that Zhu Peng also had to attract hatred points to prevent the seven-headed Demonic Dragon from chasing the elite blood souls. If the army can’t do these things, wouldn’t it be a joke to say that it’s the end of the world?
The sword light turned into a rainbow, and Youlong took action. Because of his excessive accumulation of strength, Zhu Peng was already able to fight with a sword from the eighth level of Qi refining. He controlled the spiritual sword with the power of iron sand magnetism, and provided guidance with his powerful divine consciousness. Powered by profound health-preserving spiritual energy, Zhu Penggong has now reached the ninth level of Qi refining and can truly control the spirit sword. This kind of freedom and sharpness is definitely not something that ordinary novice monks can resist and parry.
What’s more, the undead demon dragon is not as flexible as a normal monk. With its huge body and thick bone armor covering its whole body, their ability tends to be high in attack and thick in defense, not fast and agile.
The dragon sword light in Zhu Peng’s hand turned seven times in the sky. Although it did not cause much damage to the seven alienated demon dragons, the sharp sword light still left fresh traces on them, either dragon heads or wings. Or bone tails, or chests, or dragon claws, as many as ten, as few as one or two, all scratched their bodies, leaving wounds. The hatred value of the seven alienated demon dragons was immediately attracted to him.
/Opening his mouth slightly, a pair of giant wings controlled his body and glided like a light bird. The three demonic dragons actually consciously coordinated and glided together, then blasted towards Zhu Peng, spitting out a stream of dark gray smoke with a fishy black odor. , the poisonous breath of rotten corpses.
/Three thick smoke pillars shrouded Zhu Peng from all sides, putting Zhu Peng who was driving the cloud