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to himself and flew up lightly. Then he slightly raised his hand and said, “I have met Taoist friend, what is your name?” The

to himself and flew up lightly. Then he slightly raised his hand and said, “I have met Taoist friend, what is your name?” The
little girl had a sullen face and was cold. He waved his hand, then raised his finger to hook it: “Go ahead.”
Although she looked young, this series of actions were done with ease and at the same time she looked extremely aloof, forming an extremely weird image.
“Then I’m not welcome,” Zhang Gongfeng laughed dryly, flipped his wrist, and a black light shot out quickly.
“Heavenly Hell’s Thunder!” Ji Qiang is a man who knows his stuff. He couldn’t help but gasped when he saw this, “Are you so cruel?”
Heavenly Hell’s Thunder is also called the God of Punishment. In fact, this thing is just ordinary. It is not used for fighting, but for punishing criminals – special human prisoners, such as real prisoners.
This thunder has the attribute of fire, and its stiffening effect is not very good, but it can roast the body and soul, and it recovers very slowly. It is perfect for punishing people.
This thing is often used in the heavenly prison of the royal family – it is a heavenly prison, not a prison, and it is not under the jurisdiction of the imperial court. It is a place where high-level cultivators are imprisoned, and they are all the most dangerous enemies of the Zhao family.
/It’s quite surprising that Zhang Gongfeng has such a treasure, and he just said hello with a smile, and then he hit it out at the first meeting. It can be seen that people really cannot be judged by their appearance. It’s a big killer.
The blood slave is also very knowledgeable. When it saw this black light, it intuitively felt the threat in it. Without thinking, it swayed and tried to escape.
Ji Qiang shook his head speechlessly. He didn’t even have time to remind the little girl: Hell’s Thunder will lock the breath, and you can’t avoid it.
However, the blood slave also took it seriously. As soon as its body moved, it felt the threat of being locked, so its whole body exploded in an instant, turning into debris all over the sky.
This is the innate magical power of the Blood Demon: transforming ten thousand with one.
Zhang Gongfeng, however, looked confused: What are you doing? Why did people explode before the thunder struck?
Although the Hell’s Thunder has its own tracking function, it really hasn’t lit up the technology tree of “multiple warheads with separate guidance”. The opponent has turned into billions, and it can only choose one of them, track it and strike hard.
However, with so many incarnations of the Blood Demon, he is not afraid of being killed at all. The Cult has never been able to eliminate all the Blood Demons. To a large extent, it is because of this innate magical power – no matter how many you kill, as long as one of the incarnations escapes, you will be dead. There will be endless poison.
After a thunder explosion, the little girl who had exploded appeared in front of everyone again. Half of her hair was standing up due to the electricity, and it was also a little bent. It w