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ake of Destiny”.

No matter the terrifying lightning, the blazing white spear, or the “Black Knight’s” slash, none of them hit the target at this moment. Cattleya seemed to be standing at the core of the storm, no matter how dangerous the surroundings were, she was not affected.
Those attacks and controls either passed through her or were counteracted by her “companions”, but they failed to achieve the desired effect. They even helped her weaken the imprisonment of “darkness”.
/After an instant, Cattleya’s back was slightly arched, and pieces of pure white, illusory feathers grew out. These did not belong to angels, but came from “swans”.
The “ugly duckling” turns into a “swan”.
As for what a “swan” is, for a Sequence 4 demigod, the answer is obvious, that is, it is an incomplete mythical creature form.
And the “ugly duckling” can also become a “swan”!
/This is a powerful magic that allows the “occultist” to reveal the incomplete form of mythical creatures, once a day, for ten seconds each time.
Cattleya’s body surface suddenly cracked open one after another, and the flesh and blood inside condensed, forming black and white eyes.
These countless eyes scanned the surroundings indifferently and ruthlessly, seeming to be the embodiment of complex knowledge, so that the figures carrying them were blurred into a higher-dimensional, more abstract black mass.
As soon as they saw these densely packed eyes, “Saint of Secrets” Botis and “Saint of Darkness” Kesma felt dizzy, and a storm of knowledge echoed in their minds.
The layer of flesh and blood that enveloped the entire room began to tremble slightly, or drip down, or squirm in an orderly manner.
At this moment, an unimaginable breath penetrated the barrier made of flesh and blood, poured into the first floor of the abandoned apartment, and instantly enveloped every corner of the place.
“Saint of Secrets” Botis and “Saint of Darkness” Kesma were shocked at the same time, and their bodies, minds and spirits were all in a state of uncontrollability.
This is the “Dragon Power” of qualitative change, this is “mental deprivation”!
Taking this opportunity, the “black mass” with cracks all over his body and eyes condensed into a spear in front of him.
This spear was of an ancient style, and was stained with blood-colored dark red dots from tip to handle.
It exuded a strong sense of destruction and blood, as if it had hurt a great being.
With a whoosh, the terrifying spear was shot out, heading straight for the “Saint of Secrets” Botis, who was standing frozen on the spot.
In the entire room, all sounds and details disappeared. Even the permeating “Dragon Power” was suddenly absent. Only the blood-stained gun tip and Botis’s body remained, as well as the shrinking distance between them. .
“Lance of Longinus”!
The blood-stained spear that seemed to have appeared in ancient times that could not be traced absorbed all the presence in this room and stabbed into the body of “Saint of Secrets” Botis.
The figure of Botis with strong brown hair suddenly disappeared and