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-grade long swords, and the first-grade weapon redemption voucher is much less attractive to him.

As for the third-level funding contract, Mr. Boone has just proposed the second-level funding contract. This third-level funding contract is even more useless.
In the end, as for the recommendation qualifications, how could a genius like David use the recommendation of the Titan Consortium, not to mention the relationship between Galen and David in the intelligence, and the title of ‘National Scholar’ of David’s father Hans.
Judging from the intelligence, Hans wanted to pass the title of ‘National Scholar’ to David, and Hans’s only right to choose a position with the title of ‘National Scholar’ was not used. That right to choose is more useful than the recommendation of the Titan Consortium.
“I was just lucky.” David said honestly.
“David, you are too modest!” Mr. Boone shook his head, and then said: “I want to hear your opinion about rewards!”
“Mr. Boone, I don’t need the other two rewards. I just want the first-level weapon redemption voucher to exchange for a first-level weapon!” David thought he had won three rewards at once, which made Mr. Boone a little embarrassed. He said immediately.
“No, no, that’s not what I meant. All three rewards are yours. You deserve it. I know these rewards don’t have much effect on you, so I want to ask your opinion. But since you want to change It’s a first-grade weapon, so let’s talk about this first!” Mr. Boone waved his hand and said.
“I want to use the first-grade weapon exchange voucher to exchange for a soldier’s sniper rifle!” David did not hesitate and immediately made the request he had thought about for a long time.
“David, do you have sniper talent?” Mr. Boone was stunned and asked.
/David said nothing, watching Mr. Boone waiting for his decision.
“David, the soldier’s sniper rifle is very special. It can only be obtained after becoming a sniper soldier. The value of the soldier’s sniper rifle is far beyond that of a first-grade weapon.” Mr. Boone explained awkwardly.
Because of its terrifying power and the huge damage it causes to the body, in order to avoid accidents and to prevent this highly lethal weapon from being leaked out at will, there are strict procedures for owning a soldier’s sniper rifle.
If you want to get a soldier sniper rifle in the future, or change to a better soldier sniper rifle, you must either join the army or join a large organization to get a new soldier sniper rifle.
Even Mr. Boone has no right to give the soldier’s sniper rifle to David. This is against the rules.
“Then I choose a first-grade spear!” David was extremely disappointed. Although he had a replica of the ‘Eye of Death’ and even copied the ‘Eye of Death’ in the virtual environment of a medium-sized server, he did not Have seen it in real life, let alone owned it.
“David, this is because our consortium did not think carefully about this possibility and let you down.” Mr. Boone said apologetically, and then he thought about it and asked: “In this way, I can make the dec