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stial dojo in the ninth level of the central heaven.

This is the highlight.
Each of the Lingshan Blessed Lands, the ninth level of the upper level of the central heaven, contains strong heavenly essence. These dojos have always been extremely popular.
The immortals and gods in heaven are in short supply.
“Master Dao has not returned, so I have thanked the Great Heavenly Lord for his generous gift on behalf of Master Dao!”
As Zhang Jian’s Taoist companion, Qi did his best to take over the imperial edict on Zhang Jian’s behalf.
Taibai Xingjun had a smile on his face, swept the whisk slightly, and said with a smile.
“Ms. Qi, congratulations to the Emperor’s Mansion for finally having a Daluo Immortal appear!”
“In addition, a jade edict from Yaochi will be sent later, conferring the title of Lady Yuqi, as well as many immortal concubines!”
There was a slight smile deep in Qi’s beautiful eyes, and she cupped her hands.
“Thank you Xingjun. A banquet has been prepared in the mansion. Why don’t you stay and have a glass of thin wine?”
Taibai Xingjun smiled slightly.
“The old Taoist has other official duties, but he doesn’t need to trouble Madam Qi!”
/He smiled slightly and left in an instant. He didn’t want to meet the fairy in the Yaochi.
Sure enough, not long after, the goddess of Yaochi, Tianyue Daojun, came and also brought a jade edict from the Queen Mother of Yaochi. In addition to congratulating Zhang Jian, she also took advantage of the opportunity to confer the title of Qi, giving Qi the title of Tianyi Goddess in the Yaochi sequence of nine. .
The other concubines also received generous gifts and were granted the imperial title of Yaochi one after another, but they were obviously not as good as the Qi family. Most of them were granted the title of Heavenly Consort, and the rank they received was six.
Sequence six is ??the apex of the middle third-order sequence, and there is obviously a huge gap from the high third-order sequence.
But from being an ordinary female fairy with no followers, to being able to reach the pinnacle of the third level in Yaochi, to be able to receive the immortal salary every year, and to enter the Yaochi to practice, this is also a huge honor.
All the girls were smiling and extremely happy.
It’s not because of these imperial titles, but more because of their backing, their husbands successfully attained the Daojun Dao Fruit.
“Sister, we should have a great time celebrating today!”
Next to her, Meng, who had always been taciturn, her eyes were filled with autumn water, and her eyes were extremely bright.
Mrs. Yu also nodded slightly.
“The emperor can successfully prove his status as a Taoist king. This is the blessing of everyone in the Jiuyou Emperor’s mansion. The heavens will protect us and the Zhang family, and our fate will last forever for thousands of years!”
Mrs. Qi glanced at the many immortals in the mansion and saw that everyone was excited and calm, unable to restrain herself, so she said immediately.
“Okay, today I will be overstepping my bounds. I will