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ed in Xuannv Palace. The shop owner didn’t know what means he used to get some. Now it’s out of filial piety. In your mouth, it’s just… Is it “rare”?

ed in Xuannv Palace. The shop owner didn’t know what means he used to get some. Now it’s out of filial piety. In your mouth, it’s just… Is it “rare”?
These eggless people have ruined these good things for nothing.
Seeing that Li Yongsheng didn’t answer, Oscar sighed inwardly: Sure enough, he comes from a small place. Before we talk about serious things, can’t we talk about romance first?
But now that this was the case, he simply said it bluntly, “It was just a coincidence.”
It turned out that the man in the restaurant who was disguised as a woman had met the son of the governor of Haidai County not long ago, and the son of the governor had drunk too much. , I wanted to play with her, but I didn’t succeed, and I was defrauded of some property.
There are many beauties in the Kingdom of Middle-earth. No one knows why the governor’s son fell in love with that young woman – or was it because she was pretending to be Xu Lu? Anyway, it is Mr. Ao who is chatting privately at the moment, so the credibility should be extremely high.
The governor of Haidai County, his family is from Sanxiang, and his son was also deceived in Sanxiang. In anger, he organized people to pursue him one after another.
After chasing him near Suzaku City, the person disappeared. At this moment, the son of the county governor had his thoughts turned to the passing angel Oscar.
Who would have thought that someone accidentally entered our restaurant yesterday, and when he heard that the restaurant would not accept him, he had to glance at the guests who stayed in the restaurant.
This young woman looks pretty good, but the key is that on the first day of the new year, she is alone in the restaurant, so it is normal for others to pay more attention to her.
So the governor’s son got the news and sent people to arrest the woman.
The son of the county governor does not have a royal guard by his side, and his father is not an official in Sanxiang. However, the Sanxiang county governor has a royal guard by his side, and the county military officer also has a royal guard by his side. They each sent a few people to escort them. Angel transit.
/These were the wounded Kingsguard.
Oscar is also accompanied by a large number of imperial guards, but he has no interest in paying attention to such local disputes – let the people in Sanxiang earn this small amount of money. Heaven will reward the imperial guards and chauffeurs. , asking me to maintain the dignity of the court.
But the imperial guard was injured, which Eunuch Ao couldn’t bear. In any case, these people came to Suzaku City to protect him. If he just admitted it, what would others think of him?
He explained everything in detail, except for some things he didn’t know.
For example, how did the man pretending to be Xu Lu defraud money? The other party didn’t tell him, so Oscar didn’t ask – it’s such a trivial matter, is he really so idle?
But things were bad, and the only bad thing was that he didn’t know much about it. Our restaurant was famous, but they actually thought