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lace is an authentic ancient sect. The location of the sect is

It is also the spiritual vein of Lingshan, and there are people in the sect who can accept ancient inheritance!
But families like the Feng family are different. They only obtained some treasures or cultivation secrets from ancient ruins.
Unlike some ancient sects or ancient aristocratic families, they not only obtained some treasures or secrets from ancient ruins, but also
The sect is built on ancient ruins!
/In fact, the so-called ancient sects and ancient families are not truly ancient, nor do they flow from ancient times.
It is passed down that they only discovered the ruins of the real ancient sect and built the sect or family on the ruins.
, and took the treasures and cultivation secrets in the ruins as his own. After many years of continuation, it became an ancient sect!
Most of this type of ruins are built on the spiritual veins of some spiritual mountains. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth is rich, and it is also convenient for cultivation! very
There are even some ancient ruins that allow disciples with suitable physiques to receive the inheritance of strength from ancient times!
Therefore, the status of this type of ancient sects and ancient aristocratic families is obviously higher than that of other ordinary ancient sects and ancient aristocratic families.
Therefore, this is also the reason why there are few heaven-level masters in Dark Night Palace, but their status is not low.
As for the Feng family, although they have four heaven-level masters, to put it bluntly, they are just an aristocratic family and have nothing to offer.
This is not to say that the Feng family does not want to build the family on ancient ruins, but because when the ancient ruins were discovered,
The ancient ruins have gone through thousands of years of changes and have become dilapidated. The aura of heaven and earth has long been gone, and the ruins are
The area has become a small town or city, and there is no point in establishing a family here at all.
Because of this, if Feng Nitian really masters the heaven-defying magical skill, then the status of the Feng family will drastically improve.
, the heaven-defying magical skill is an ancient mental method, and its power is extremely powerful!
The old man of the Feng family hurriedly entered the conference hall with a gloomy face, walked to the main seat, sat down, and looked around the meeting.
Everyone in the hall finally cast their eyes on the faces of Feng Tianlin and Feng Tianhu.
Mr. Feng naturally knew about the overt and covert struggle between the two brothers, but he knew that he knew it and did not stop it.
As long as his bottom line is not touched, he is happy to see the next generation grow up in competition. Without competition, an too comfortable life will
Let the Feng family decline.
But what is happening now has obviously exceeded Mr. Feng’s bottom line, but Mr. Feng is not sure
, is Feng Tianlin making trouble in this matter? After all, it would be a b