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vaguely felt as if he had half-stepped into a brand new world.

But he didn’t feel the innate magical power that the ‘ancestor’ said!
Chapter 15 Deciphering
The chance of one in a thousand is too small.
But after breaking through the innate stage, he now felt that the Tiangang Boy Kung Fu in his body had reached an unprecedented level.
Fierce energy burst out from his body, flames and thunder exploded from it, and the temperature of the entire room rose rapidly.
As far as his eyes could see, Zhang Jian saw that the brocade quilt on his body and around the bed were directly turned into coke at a speed visible to the naked eye. However, it was not ignited, but was directly turned into powder by the blazing high temperature. Even the stone slabs under his feet were burned. wear.
The Tiangang Inner Breath developed through Tiangang Tongzi Kung Fu is actually pure Yang Inner Breath.
It is based on a little bit of true yang in the boy’s body, which is the most blazing and domineering.
It can be described as extremely yang.
In the dark, there are strands of invisible inspiration that are twisted and pulled by this terrifying force field, turning into whirlpools and integrating into Zhang Jian’s body.
Zhang Jian felt that through the bridge of heaven and earth, he could already mobilize the hidden inspiration.
The internal refining warriors in the Yangyuan stage may have powerful inner energy, but the Gang Qi in their own bodies has its limits, while the internal refining warriors in the innate stage can mobilize a wisp of heaven and earth’s inspiration through the bridge of heaven and earth.
The power of heaven and earth is oppressive, and the power that bursts out is naturally far beyond what a martial artist in the Yangyuan stage can match.
Zhang Jian felt that the endless power of the Yaochi Golden Lotus Seed was being integrated into the depths of his soul, allowing his innate spiritual awareness to continue to grow.
Very mysterious.
“The innate stage of pulling a trace of the power of heaven and earth is already so terrifying, but I don’t know how far I can go if I step on the door of the avenue?”
Zhang Jian’s eyes sparkled.
He couldn’t wait any longer.
“Nine Chapters of Kiriyama’s Purity!”
With Zhang Yi’s help, Zhang Jian’s deciphering speed was much faster, and he finally completed the deciphering half a month later.
In the study room, Zhang Jian frowned. Just as he and Zhang Yi expected, the ancient bronze inscriptions contained in the dozens of scrolls were indeed a spiritual practice.
This is the immortal method.
Just by browsing briefly, Zhang Jian can feel the breadth and depth of it.
/Zhang Jian couldn’t hide his smile at this time.
“Brother Jian, how are you?”
Zhang Yi was standing aside at this time, with one hand clasped together and the other hand just holding the fly whisk. Apparently he was still a little nervous and worried about an accident.
Zhang Jian smiled back and said, “We succeeded!”
Zhang Yi’s face trembled slightly and his body trembled. Although he only said