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k when he first came up.

The power of the tiger’s charge swept directly over Zhenren’s body. Zhenren’s body visibly trembled but he did not fight back? ? ?
Is this the end?
Ge Mang was also stunned. Could this man really not know anything about mental attacks?
As a strong man, even if he can’t attack with his mind, he can always resist. If he directly withstood his tiger charge like this, isn’t this looking for death?
After a moment’s pause, Wang Meng slowly raised his sword and pointed it at Ge Mang.
The tyrannical momentum was as domineering as the roar of a dragon as he charged at Ge Mang.
Ge Mang felt the surging power like a mountain. He was trembling and excited. He never thought that there would be such an opponent.
The mind is constantly attacking, counteracting the tyrannical mind attack.
Suddenly, Ge Mang staggered back five steps.
There was an uproar, and Ge Mang could not escape the mental attack from the real person.
Ge Mang’s face turned red for a while and then he took a deep breath before returning to normal. He thought that he could offset the opponent’s attack by using Tiger Chong continuously, but he didn’t do it with the attack just now. If he hadn’t reacted in time, he would have suffered a big loss.
Not only does the opponent know how to attack mentally, he is also very, very powerful.
Wang Meng looked at Ge Mang quietly. It turned out that the mind could attack like this.
He likes being so domineering!
“The name of the sword is Huya!” Ge Mang looked at his opponent intently, and the real person opposite slowly raised his sword.
Ge Mang suddenly moved. The Yuan Li was only the power of the sword and did not hinder Ge Mang’s performance. Ge Mang rushed out like a tiger. The sword force merged with the person. With the physique of the Five Elements of Gold, Ge Mang Played to the fullest.
Tiger fang chop!
The sword shot out, like a tiger rushing towards its prey. There was no room to dodge in all directions, and he could only feel that the fatal sword was approaching instantly.
The most ferocious thing about Ge Mang is his mind-stealing attacks. He is a tiger in the Queen’s camp.
The real person dodged.
“This is undoubtedly the most unwise choice. Fighting Ge Mang means suppressing him. We must not let him go crazy.”
Someone who knows Ge Mang so well is obviously Ge Mang’s enemy, a master from the Dragon King’s camp.
In the square, people from the Dragon King camp and the Heavenly King camp also arrived. They wanted to see if Ge Mang had made any progress in the past year or so.
Tiger fangs are the fangs of a fierce tiger, as if they are ready to devour Wang Meng at any time.
“The real person’s seven-star step is pretty good.”
“It’s a pity that the seven-star step, a footwork that everyone knows has its limits, I thought he would be surprised if he could withstand the tiger’s charge.”
/“Maybe he has a trump card.”
As for the Queen’s camp, they are relieved.
“This Ge Mang is fighting like crazy. He is probably invincible below level 40. Didn’t anyone tell