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“Senior Sister Yang, give it to me and I’ll share it with them. Our place is quite messy.”

Apparently, Wang Meng’s manly anger also spread to He Ziyuan, and he spoke fluently.
“Thank you, Senior Brother He.”
He Ziyuan was older, but Yang Ying gave him face by calling him junior brother. This sentence of senior brother was obviously for Wang Meng’s face. He Ziyuan felt that life was really like this.
One Hundred and Thirty-One Fire Cloud Cave
“I’ve met three elders!” After Feng Tianlin walked into the conference hall, he bowed his hands to the three elders as a sign of respect!
Although he is the young head of the Feng family, before he is promoted to the head of the family, he still has to treat these elders with courtesy!
Because the strength of these three elders has surpassed Feng Tianlin, currently Feng Tianlin is only the peak strength in the late earth level.
Masters, and these three elders are now heaven-level masters!
After seeing the ceremony, Feng Tianlin sat down in his seat. Feng Tianhu looked at him with some resentment, but
It was fleeting, but Feng Tianlin still felt a chill!
Feng Tianlin couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He and his third brother had never dealt with each other. Since his eldest brother left,
There are countless overt and covert fights! But there is nothing that can be done about it. It turns out that when the eldest brother was here, his father took him out early in the morning.
has been selected as the next head of the family, and a strong family marriage has been found for him. It can be said that the eldest brother has become
The future head of the Feng family is a natural choice!
But something happened later that caused the eldest brother to leave the family, and the position of the head of the family became vacant! Feng Tian
Relying on the strength of the married family, Lin barely defeated his third brother and won the position of the young master. However, the young master
There is still a long way to go before we become the head of the family, so we cannot take it lightly!
Especially after the third brother’s son Feng Nitian mastered the heaven-defying magical skill, the third brother Feng Tianhu has already become the next head of the family.
He was being conceited because it was already obvious that Feng Nitian would be the next generation of the Feng family to take the lead. If Feng Tianhu didn’t
Who is the head of the house?
While Feng Tianlin was secretly anxious, he was also helpless, but now, he didn’t expect such a thing to happen!
From Feng Tianlin’s personal point of view, this is a happy thing, but from the perspective of the long-term interests of Feng’s family,
, but this is not the case! The appearance of Feng Nitian will change the status of the Feng family in the ancient world!
/Before, the Feng family could only be regarded as a low-ranking existence among the ancient aristocratic families…even worse than the Dark Night Palace! Although the Feng family
/It has more heaven-level masters than Dark Night Palace. However, Dark Night Pa