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to death by Zhu Yun’s murderous intent after that night, the number would be more than ten more. In fact, it was really just a misunderstanding. Our clan had no intention of fighting for hegemony. That time The family gathering is really just to celebrate my grandfather’s 100th birthday.”

Listening to the soft whispers echoing in his ears and looking at the old man’s skinny and calm face in front of him, Zhu Peng suddenly remembered a proverb: “If you don’t become bad in indulgence, you will become perverted in silence. Uh, no. Yes, not in silence.” To explode, to die in silence.”
After a moment of stiffness, Zhu Peng still gave a complete salute, but everyone, including the two blood monks behind him, remained silent for a long time. Hegemony inherently needs to be accumulated with blood, whether it is the enemy’s or one’s own. If Blood Soul Ridge wants to rise, it will naturally require the demise of the old forces in order to gain enough living space. Although you don’t care about this kind of topic in your heart, if you show this indifference in front of the victim, it will be a slap in the face, and you will have nothing to blame.
/Fortunately, this stalemate and silence, the embarrassment of alertness and precaution did not last long, because the formation eye shrouded in the white mist suddenly dissipated and collapsed. Zhu Peng had experienced this kind of situation, so he naturally knew This is the manifestation of the collapse of the eleventh-level formation. After taking a few steps back, the two subordinates of the same clan were still separated from Zhen Chi. However, Zhu Peng could faintly feel that the two people were no longer so dedicated to protecting Zhen Chi, and they were even still vaguely wary of Zhen Chi.
“Idiot, if someone wanted to take action, they would have taken action a long time ago. Why wait until you are prepared before taking action.” Zhu Peng disapproved of this defensive attitude, but did not stop it, because this was his inner tendency and not a general tendency. Two strict words can affect change.
/It can be seen that the guardian of the formation eye on the eleventh level is really very strong. Although the old man surnamed Gong has not entered the ninth level of Qi refining, he is able to complete two realms in mental state and swordsmanship, and his cultivation is profound. , one can imagine. But even such a tyrannical figure turned into a bloody man when he walked out of the formation. His black robes were soaked in crimson blood, both those of his opponents and his.
A head was thrown directly at Zhen Chi’s feet by the old man, “Your information is inaccurate. The old witch of the Han family is not guarding this floor, not even her concubine. The ones guarding here are ghosts. Yingni Sword Yin Xianhe, I never expected that this guy who is said to love swords without mercy in his life would also be seduced by those little foxes of the Han family.”
“Wine, sex, wealth, anger. As long as you have the same hobbies, the Linghu Han family can completely drag you into the ab