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i Shuangtian doesn’t want to take care of it, it’s that he can’t take care of it. Is it possible that his majestic prince, the future Emperor of Zhou Dynasty, is scolding a gray horse?

And he guarantees 100% that this crappy horse can definitely do it. Grinning with that crappy mouth is too painful and hurts the dignity of the royal family, so he can only turn a blind eye.
If your status is too high, you must maintain your demeanor and not be too fussy. Otherwise, in the eyes of caring people, you will appear to be heartless and petty, and it will be difficult to become a great person.
In this regard, Lao Ma also said the same thing, you are just inferior humans, I don’t bother to argue with you.
At this time, the battle began on the fighting platform. As soon as the Jingshen Crow came up, the invisible black light hit the God of Beauty like raindrops – the Crow Storm, a storm composed of pure spiritual power, rolled directly towards the God of Beauty.
In this regard, Meng Ningzi will not be merciful. The God of Beauty is definitely no match for the Jingshen Crow. Mind attacks are insurmountable to most True Essence beasts.
/The Beauty God neighed and buzzed, and a ray of holy light blocked the front.
Block it!
Meishen actually took over the mental attack!
The Jingshen Sky Crow did not stop, it turned into a sharp arrow and rushed down, and at the same time it let out a hoarse cry, as if it was about to pierce the heart.
Everyone around felt a faint sting, but the people in the Immortal and Unliving Group showed happy expressions.
“This little cutie is so funny.”
“Get it out of here in a moment!”
The goddess of beauty stood there calmly, motionless, full of holy arrogance, but to be honest, Pegasus does not have such strength. Anyone who knows anything knows that Pegasus is good-looking and can defeat evil, but its combat power is really average. Although Tianya is ugly, But the fighting ability is amazing.
The crow bumped into the holy light of the God of Beauty.
However, the whole audience was in a stir!
The Nine-turn Shocking God Sky Crow didn’t break through the Holy Light Defense of the Goddess of Beauty!
Meng Ningzi was stunned for a moment. The Jingshen Crow was the strongest true essence beast in her hand, followed by the Ice Breath Bird. However, the Ice Breath Bird was good at persistent defensive battles, and its attack power was far inferior to the Jingshen Crow.
The ten princesses are very familiar with the beauty god Meng Ningzi. They often go through training together in the God Conferred Tower. The beauty god is indeed very powerful and her bloodline is very pure. However, the more pure and powerful the bloodline is, the harder it is to be promoted, not to mention Tianma. This kind of existence is more interested in the maintenance and improvement of its master. Direct combat is very ordinary. To be honest, Meng Ningzi would never be able to block a blow.
But now it seems that Meishen’s situation is a bit special.
The Beauty God suddenly stood up, and bo