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unger generation does not believe or accept it, but now

Akito’s smile appeared in front of him. Suddenly, the torture master fell softly.
Akito’s hand just rested on his body.
/The torture master has returned to normal and fell into a severe coma. This is a phenomenon of serious lack of demon power. Akito, on the other hand, became energetic.
The Holy Light Demon collapses to show its domineering strength that dominates the world.
But Akito didn’t celebrate. Instead, he did something that shocked everyone even more, in full view of everyone. Pulling the fighting platform that was shaken away by the torture master together.
The muffled sound as the fighting platform closed was like an earthquake.
But can the fighting platform be closed like this?
The already broken Mingren waved his hand, and the holy light swept across it, and the cracks gradually melted.
God, everyone looked at him with an almost god-like ability.
The fighting stage is closed! ! !
Complete victory!
This is a complete victory!
Facing the crazy cheers of the monks due to the power of the Holy Light Demon’s collapse, Akito just smiled and stretched out a finger, pointing directly in the direction of Starlight City.
He started to warm up, Wang Meng, are you ready?
News of Wang Meng and Ming Ren’s successive displays of power spread to Xingchen Academy and reached Lin Jinghao’s ears.
“Senior brother, these two people are naked and showing off their power!”
“Yes, Senior Brother Lin, you should also show your skills and let them know how powerful you are!”
Who has benefited the most under the Star Alliance system?
Monster clan? No, the size of the benefits brought by the system is second to the base number. Everyone is learning from each other, but the base number of human monks is ten thousand times that of the demon clan. This is incomparable!
Lin Jinghao opened the folding fan, and the “good guy” on it was replaced with a gold-plated body. It seemed that Lin Jinghao was in a good mood.
“Calm down, we are all friends of the Star Alliance. Friendship comes first, fighting comes second.”
Master Lin is still so calm.
The disciples of the Wuhuan Demon Sect are helpless. This senior brother Lin is the best at talking. Although he is the heir of the Wuhuan Demon Sect, he has the best temper. Most disciples can talk to him, and he will take the initiative to say hello to people when he meets them. It caused some contempt, but as they got to know Lin Jinghao, no one dared to despise this Nine-Yao Azure Dragon Body.
It was Lin Jinghao’s turn. His opponent was a casual cultivator, a Dzogchen master from Wolong Xiaoqian Realm.
It is actually a bit shameful for a Dzogchen at this age to come to the other side of the battle. Although he is less than a hundred years old, he has practiced more than a dozen years.
The problem is that if the rules allow it, people will come.
“Boy, I can only say that you are unlucky when you meet me. Just say hello and go on your way.” Du Hao said lightly.
He just wanted to build his reputation through th