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fore that David was a genius, but he still didn’t agree with it. Although he was not able to become a soldier, he was stronger than most ordinary people.

Like Jim, he was unable to enter the military major in college, but he did not want to give up. He used his connections at home to continuously hone himself, and wanted to become a military soldier through continuous training.
Although this road is many times more difficult than becoming a soldier in college, there are many such examples in the military that inspire them.
None of the three people said that David was so powerful because of the second-level long sword in his hand. When faced with more than twenty larvae, if he did not have a strong command of the long sword, he would have been killed by those who could not see clearly. The spikes pierced it.
Any one of the three of them holding a second-level long sword would not be able to withstand so many larvae.
The battle turned into a massacre, and David felt the pleasure of the battle. Compared with the illusion that was separated by a layer of veil, the real battle made his whole body feel comfortable, and his strength was released to the greatest extent.
Even in the battle, because the larvae were too weak, the long sword in his hand used a variety of cold weapon techniques.
In other words, Jim, Daly and DeQuincey were not real soldiers and could not see his movements clearly, otherwise they would definitely have discovered David’s special fighting style at this time.
The killing intent that had been suppressed was also released in the constant killing, making his swords even more powerful.
The battle was over by the time the heavily armored hover vehicle came alongside them.
Except for the big rock where Jim and the three of them were, everything within a dozen meters of their location was dyed green by the blood of the larvae, and the smell of blood was mixed with the stench of the larvae.
David recovered from the concentration state of the battle. He looked at the corpses of larvae all over the ground, and he couldn’t believe it.
Before coming to this world, he was still an ordinary person, but in less than a month after coming to this world, he could face a large number of larvae corpses without feeling any discomfort.
This was different from the day when Mr. Ste was shot with a long-range sniper cannon. This was close combat. Although the person he was facing was not a human being, it was also more bloody.
Feeling the Shadow Warrior in the sky, it was all because of the transformation that Shadow Warrior brought to him.
After retracting his thoughts, David looked at the two swords in his hands. The two swords with faint blue light were not stained with the green blood of the larvae. There was no need to wipe them. He dexterously put the two swords back into the sheaths behind his back.
/“Jim, I’m late!” Sergeant Boris apologized as he jumped out of the heavy armored hover vehicle with a first aid kit.
/It was originally his responsibility to protect the safety of these people, but the larv