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g born and transformed into a human being for a long time! “

At this point, when Bai Xianyin looked at Zhang Jian, he said again: “The master is lucky!”
“Once the earth dragon turned over, she got a divine seal and became a mountain god!”
“The master also saw the outside world with the help of the mountain god. She was actually very kind-hearted a long time ago. No matter whether the small animals in the mountains were injured or the grass and trees were blown by the wind, frost, rain and snow, she would come down. Divine magic, take good care of it”
Zhang Jian frowned when he heard this. He found the loophole in Bai Niao’er’s words.
“Didn’t you say that you have only transformed for less than three hundred years?”
Hearing this, Bai Niao’er lowered his eyebrows and said, “Although the little demon has been transformed for less than 300 years, he has acquired the phoenix quilt, and he has become spiritual and wise early!”
It went on to say:
“In the first hundred years ago, the master was actually a mountain god who was more compassionate than any other god. She sympathized with all the creatures in the mountain, protected the mountain people with cubs, and was full of wisdom!”
“Until that human appeared and ruined everything!”
Speaking of the appearance of that human being, the white bird gritted its teeth.
“After he learned from his master that he was a phoenix and escaped, he and his master became sworn brothers and sisters. He often used human stories to seduce his master, so that his master completely believed him!”
“You can’t imagine how cunning that human named Yu Qing is!”
“He first deceived the master’s trust, and then used vicious spells to trap the master’s mountain god’s body, absorbing most of the master’s origins. If the master hadn’t had a rare treasure that he didn’t know about and severely injured him, he would have been seriously injured. I am afraid that he is already dead, but before that person dies, he will set up a large formation to trap the master’s soul. You say that the master has been trapped for thousands of years, watching his enemy die of old age, but unable to take revenge, and suffering from hatred day and night. How can you not go crazy!”
Hearing this, both Zhang Jian and Bai Xianyin were a little silent.
The killing intent in Zhang Jian’s eyes was slightly suppressed. According to what the white bird said, this Fengling Ghost King was indeed unlucky.
At the same time, Zhang Jian also refreshed his understanding of the lower limit of King Na Mian.
Chapter 92: Transformation (2)
/Of course, the other party’s methods also amazed him.
Even beings like dragons and phoenixes can be deceived by him.
Next to her, Bai Xianyin had already been infected, with an angry expression on her face.
“This person named Yu Qing is so vicious!”
After the white bird finished speaking, he solemnly prostrated himself on the ground and was unwilling to get up for a long time.
Bai Niao’er knew that the life of Fengling Ghost King was now in the hands of these two immortal cultivators, so