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bandons Li Jing, Lu Bei may not be able to do it.

If you are flying so high, don’t be left paralyzed after you fall!
There’s nothing funny about trashy fun!
Abandonment Sutra’s eyes turned white, and the Great Heavenly Lord raised his hand to turn things upside down. Brother Bang had too many ideas, so he had to be honest and correct his mentality.
Brothers are holding you up, you have to sit down even if you don’t want to!
Indescribable violent changes swept through the fairyland, just like the spiritual energy on the blue star revived. With the thought of the Dharma of the Great Heavenly Lord, the entire white fairyland was transforming and transcending.
The Dharma of the Mahadeva resonates with the fairyland, self-deduces, and the world transforms. Every time the fairyland becomes stronger, the power of the Dharma of the Dharma becomes stronger.
/After the ultimate ascent, the Dharma of the Great Heavenly Lord enters an absolutely mysterious realm of nothingness. There is no need to control the heaven and earth, and there is no need to unify all the ways. He is the master, he is eternity, and he himself is the way of heaven.
Lu Beiwang was stunned. His idea of ??abandoning the Sutra coincided with his. There were three thousand avenues leading to the same destination. Similar shadows could be vaguely seen.
Sure enough, Qi Li Jing did not pin all his hopes on Brother Bang. He had other means to prepare for the return of the Great Heavenly Lord.
Lu Bei laughed loudly, and said another sentence of ultimate enjoyment before taking action: “The Great Heavenly Lord’s Dharma, the Immortal Heavenly Book, the return of the fairyland, and this living body of the Great Heavenly Lord, the position of the Heavenly Emperor should be occupied by the old sect leader.”
The word “fresh” makes Qi Li Jing very depressed.
He is a zombie, but his body is actually alive.
The resurrection of the body of the Great Goddess means that the Abandoned Sutra is no longer a zombie, which does more harm than good. Not only can many magical powers that rely on the zombie body be unusable, but it has also become a bright target, waiting for the return of the Great Goddess.
If I have to say what the benefits are, it’s probably that the zombie body is shed and a new person emerges. There are fewer shackles and more possibilities for further progress.
For the Immortal Seed, sacrificing temporary power in exchange for a great future is not a loss in blood, but he would rather not give up the Sutra of Abandonment. The present he sacrifices is his, but it is hard to say whose future he is getting in exchange.
It is too late to say this now. The body of the Great Heavenly Lord has been resurrected, and no one can kill it, not even the Abandonment Sutra itself.
So he was curious, why was Lu Bei so confident that there was a candle dragon lurking in the grass?
If so, he advised Lu Bei not to daydream. He was indeed no match for Zhulong, but Zhulong couldn’t do anything to the Great Heavenly Lord’s physical body. It was 50% powerful.