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ken, and several extremely ferocious cracks opened in the earth.

Mountain peaks collapsed one after another, and countless amounts of sand and gravel rose up, falling like a downpour.
He wiped the blood stains from the corner of his mouth, frowned and looked at the Demon King’s Gu nest high in the sky, and murmured to himself: “Buddhist skills, could it be that it is really a mount for someone to ride on?”
For a moment, the image of a skinny little demon trembling under his bald crotch came to mind, his feet weak and he threw himself on the street, with a few teeth knocked out by a big dick.
If possible, the little demon should be locked in a dark room with its limbs tied tightly before being ridden. An old monk with a kind-faced eyebrow came forward with a sword and said, “Eat rice tofu.” He raised the sword and cut off the root of right and wrong.
Thinking about it this way, it’s not easy for the Demon King either.
Lu Bei’s thoughts were jumping, and he was thinking further and further as if he were stepping on watermelon rinds. Gu Chao did not have the ability to read minds, so he did not know that he was being severely programmed, and he waved his hand and took out a long knife.
The total length is one foot, the blade is wide and long, the handle can be held by both hands, and it looks extremely heavy.
“彽婳, Lila, Fumu”
Gu Chao pointed his sword at Lu Bei: “You can’t keep this kid, I will kill him together with you.”
If he were to fight alone, he was not afraid of Lu Bei and was confident that he could defeat him.
But there was no need. The real goal of this trip was the Human Race Holy Land Conference. He sensed a hint of danger in Lu Bei and didn’t want to get injured before the battle and lay hidden dangers for subsequent plans.
As for the many demons bullying the few, Gu Chao doesn’t care about such nonsense.
Why take risks when you can win easily!
After the words fell, the three demons all nodded. The tauren Lila took out a long axe, the horse-faced demon Fumu took out a war spear, and Yuhua held a scroll in his hand and slowly pushed away a side of the world.
/The world of the sky depicts endless mountains, shrouded in clouds and mist, making it difficult to see clearly.
Lu Bei was slightly stunned, not because the small world was covered by Jiaohua’s magic weapon and his whole body felt heavy as if he was stuck in the mud, but because he was surprised that Gu Nest did not play according to the routine.
The promised villain is good at fueling tactics and loves to add experience to the brave? How did it come to his place that the Great Demon King, leading the Demon Queen and the Four Heavenly Kings, had gang-banged the righteous Mengxin who had not yet left the Novice Village?
This script is wrong!
He took a deep breath and locked his eyes on the two demons Li La and Fu Mu. They were in the fusion stage of bull-headed and horse-faced cultivation. Although they had the strength to fight through the tribulation stage with their physical bodies, in his eyes they were not strong enough to def