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er mirror.

Brat, I’ll teach you a lesson today, let you know that there is heaven and there are people outside the world, so as not to let my precious apprentice suffer any injustice one day.
The white chess piece swayed, took three steps back, vomited blood and collapsed on the ground. Its face was as white as paper, and it was more eye-catching than the white hair on its head.
The Taifu was stunned for a moment, smiled at the corner of his mouth, and then said with a worried look on his face: “Master, are you okay?”
“No, nothing will happen if I don’t become a teacher.”
The white chess piece wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a serious face: “I haven’t used it for many years, so my skills are a bit rusty, and my feet are slippery.”
“Master, forget it.”
The Taifu sighed. Bai Qizi hadn’t been out for a long time. He didn’t know how the world had changed. The pretty boy she was attracted to was not an ordinary guy.
To put it bluntly, she felt that Lu Bei could hit the white chess piece with three punches at most, and it was up to her to survive five moves.
/“What do you mean forget it? I’m here to support you, so that you won’t have anyone in your family and be despised by that brat and be wronged in the future.”
The white chess piece stood up with wobbly legs, took a deep breath, and burned mana to reach a certain critical point again: “Disciple, quickly bring the Taiyi Yantian Diagram, this kid has something, and he is going to be serious about it as a master.”
You are obviously desperate!
The Taifu secretly thought that he was childish. The white chess piece was already old. Apart from his clothes and appearance, he had no demeanor of an outsider.
She took out the Taiyi Yantian Diagram. After taking the white chess piece, she raised her fingers and pushed it away, pressing the fragments of the Heavenly Book in her hand into the formation diagram. While teaching how to use the fragments of the Heavenly Book, he used the divine passage technique and used all his strength to look towards Lu Bei.
This is sure!
The white chess piece straightened its body and fell backward with a bang.
The Taifu was really speechless and didn’t know how to comment. He called a few times and suddenly realized something was wrong. He hurriedly knelt down and said, “Master, Master, are you okay?”
With the touch of his fingertips, his breath drifted away, and he was just one breath away from seeing himself dead.
The Taifu’s expression suddenly changed, and the white chess piece suddenly woke up, its body suspended in the air, and floated towards the quiet room.
/“Disciple, this dual monk of yours has too many responsibilities. My master cannot see through him.”
The white chess piece’s face was covered with white hair, stained with bright red bloodshot threads, and its depressed voice made the Taifu quite distressed, and then she no longer felt distressed.
“What did I say back then? If you go to the capital, you can find a way to break your life. Look, wise disciple, I saw through thi