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come I only have 700,000 experience points for annihilating the Snake Dragon Sect? Without my courage to regard death as home, my courage to not be afraid of strong enemies, and my determination to sacrifice my teammates, the Snake Dragon Sect would still be alive now. Okay, why isn’t your contribution enough?”

Looking at the pitiful 700,000 experiences, Lu Bei claimed that the calculation was wrong and asked the programmer to publish the algorithm.
It is true that the reason why the Snake Dragon Sect was destroyed was because the secret realm was blown up, and the snake god was responsible for most of it. But if it weren’t for his hard training of Xiantian Yiqi, the snake god would have been sealed by the quilt for who knows how long. His contribution is beyond the sky, and it would not be more than 700,000.
“Damn it, this rubbish game tricked me into killing me.”
Three days later, Langwu County.
Huang Ji Sect’s big boat slowly sailed away from the river bank. Huang He stood on the bow with an aggrieved look on his face. He looked back several times and sighed.
Xuanyin Division solved the case, and he was very sad.
Lu Bei moved into the landlady’s boudoir. He was sad, lost and depressed.
After coming to Langwu County for a few months, he led his brothers to investigate the case without complaint. Every day he was either at Hongxiu Pavilion or on the way to Hongxiu Pavilion. He promoted the local people’s livelihood industry and helped women in ragged clothes. There was no credit but hard work.
The results of it?
People are so infuriating. A case that hasn’t been solved in three months is solved in one day. A butt that hasn’t been touched in three months is discovered in one day.
Although Huang He didn’t see it with his own eyes, he had been fighting for many years, had solid theoretical knowledge, and rich operational experience. With a large amount of material added to the rendering template, he could imagine with his toes how happy Lu Bei was during these three days.
The more I think about it, the angrier I get, and the more I think about it, the more sour I get.
The most shameful thing is that Lu Bei and he had a life-saving grace. Even if the two sides have different positions, he still has to thank him.
Before it was over, Xuanyin Division’s super efficiency made Huangji Sect look like a piece of shit, and he was inevitably scolded after returning.
Huang He felt that his stewardship had come to an end.
/“Speaking of which, what happened in the secret realm? Why can’t I remember anything?”
“Second brother, look into my eyes. What happened in the secret realm? Tell me the truth.”
In the Hongxiu Pavilion, Hu San and Lu Bei were sitting opposite each other. Under the insulation curtain, Aunt Xiang was guarding the door outside.
“I told you the truth, you just don’t believe it.”
Lu Bei shrugged. He told Hu San everything about what happened in the secret realm. Unexpectedly, the other party did not believe in his character and suspected that he was hiding something.
It’s so pitiful that he did