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ed on the left and right of the military parade platform. These viewing platforms were much shorter than the military parade platform. The viewing platforms were filled with tens of thousands of invited people.

Just as he was thinking about it, the National Anthem of the Interstellar Federation sounded and Generalissimo Andre stood up. After that, everyone on the parade platform and the auditorium stood up.
After the national anthem ended, Generalissimo Andrei began to speak.
Because the distance was too far, Shadow Attendant could only see the movements of General Andre, but could not hear the sounds on the other side.
In fact, most of the soldiers participating in the military parade were unable to watch the parade with their own eyes. They were all waiting for the parade to start in their respective positions.
David was very lucky to be able to watch through the shadow attendant. The soldiers with David could only stand here quietly waiting for orders, knowing nothing about what was happening outside.
After warm applause, Generalissimo Andrei sat down with everyone on the parade stage.
The momentum was so strong that everyone watching felt a sense of oppression.
As they moved around, the 2,500 peak warriors moved quickly, and the square array changed into various battle formations. A unified second-level heavy ax appeared, a faint blue light flashed, and loud shouts were heard in the military parade. sounded in the road.
“The Federation is victorious!” Following a loud shout from the auditorium, there were continuous cheers from the auditorium.
When the 2,500 peak soldiers passed the parade platform, they returned to the square formation, but their steps changed to goose steps. The neat and oppressive footsteps made people’s hearts tremble.
The peak warrior formation neatly performed military salutes towards the military parade platform. Marshal Andre stood up and returned the military salute to the peak warrior formation.
Shortly after the peak warrior formation appeared, a new phalanx rose up from the ground at the starting point.
Next, the phalanxes passed by one by one. After the phalanx of soldiers equipped with the latest exoskeleton armor with different functions passed by, there was a display of various military equipment.
David saw the appearance of the ‘Heavy Self-Propelled Gauss Cannon Unit’ and the ‘Heavy Mobile Armored Defense Engineering Vehicle’ that had made outstanding contributions to the Battle Star, as well as ground phalanxes for scanning, reconnaissance, air defense, medical, etc. passing by.
/The various battleships flying over at low altitude brought the atmosphere to the extreme. The broadcast systems densely scattered around broadcast everything here live to the various star fields of the Interstellar Federation.
Although David could not hear the sound, as long as he saw the red faces of the invited people on the viewing platform, he could know how successful the military parade was.
/“Colonel David, lead the team to the lift area!” The voice from Major General Alberta was