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ask directly, so she decided to move David in front of her so that she could observe directly.

“Okay, Teacher Henrietta!” David did not refuse, and of course it was not his turn to refuse. Teacher Henrietta was the head teacher and had the power to deal with the students.
The seat is right in front of the podium. It was the seat of a sick student last semester. It has been empty since he took sick leave before the winter vacation.
This semester has just begun, and Teacher Henrietta is preparing to rearrange the seats after looking at the results.
/David sat in his seat, and several outstanding students around him looked up at him, and then ignored him.
David didn’t expect that he would be sitting in the front row of the legendary elite study area just after finishing one exam.
The students in the front row didn’t pay much attention to him, but the students in the VIP leisure area in the back row were different. The look they looked at David was no longer the transparent one before, but a look of betrayal.
Of course David will not pay attention to the looks of these classmates. He is just here to enjoy school life. He is a high school student, so he should do what a high school student should do.
Although this test is not difficult, it is just a small test, but it is not that simple test paper. These questions are very typical questions, which involve the knowledge points of each subject.
However, David got perfect scores in three subjects, which made Teacher Henrietta feel that a top student was born in front of her.
In her more than 20 years of education career, she has seen several such examples. Students only started to exert their strength before the college entrance examination, and they were out of control.
“Observe more!” Teacher Henrietta immediately raised David’s status to the top of the class. At the same time, she did not mention letting David return to his original seat when school was over.
“David, are you making up for classes during the holidays?” After Teacher Henrietta left, David was about to go home, but he was stopped by Alden and several other students in the VIP leisure area in the back.
“No, I just spent more time reading!” David shook his head and said.
Although he was stopped by his classmates, he didn’t feel much malice. They probably were just curious.
“What a pity, you have been practicing physical skills all this time, and now you have switched to cultural training in the last semester!” Alden said with some regret.
He himself is very good in physical skills, but it is only 20 kilograms higher than David’s original weight of 600 kilograms.
“I’m not good at physical skills, and I can’t understand culture. David, did you really not take extra classes?” Hamlin asked still in disbelief.
Half of the people who stopped David here wanted to know how David’s grades improved.
“David, why haven’t you left yet!” Just as David was surrounded, Myron appeared at the door and shouted.
The whole classroom couldn’t help but be silent. Myron is a celebrity in the school, and his backgro