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d into the Zhang Qi family.

At this moment, Zhang Jian’s brows twitched, and he heard the sound of fighting in the distance.
I saw a group of beggars running over noisily, and there were two little beggars running away in front of me.
When several soldiers guarding the pavilion saw this scene, they couldn’t allow it and immediately stopped everyone.
When several beggars saw a group of domestic soldiers, each with a heavy back and a ruddy face, and holding weapons in their hands, they quickly took a few steps back, showing fear.
Only the leader, a tall and thin beggar, endured his fear and clasped his fists and said:
“Uncles, we don’t want to cause trouble. It’s just that these two little guys are unruly, begging on our property, and stealing our things. Please let us go. We just need to take these two little guys back and leave immediately.” go!”
At this time, another young man, Jianyong, had already caught two other dirty little beggars.
The eyes of the two little beggars were rolling around, and one of them started to make a noise and said loudly.
“Masters, please don’t listen to their nonsense. We didn’t take anything from them. This piece of silver was given to us by a few wealthy men. They have evil intentions and want to steal our copper coins!”
The beggars immediately became unhappy and shouted: “This kid is lying. It is these two guys who stole our broken silver. This is ours!”
/Several Jianyong looked a little impatient and were about to drive away a group of beggars. Zhang Jian looked over and frowned slightly when he saw this scene. He took a look at the two small begging bowls.
The two little beggars did have a few taels of silver in their bowls.
Zhang Jian knew that the purchasing power of such broken silver was very strong, enough to feed an ordinary family for a month.
He thought for a while and immediately asked the soldiers around him to drive away a few noisy, tall and thin beggars.
Seeing this scene, the two little beggars smiled happily, and one of them walked out in a dark manner, imitating the appearance of an adult, cupped his hands and said:
“Thank you so much, Mr. Da Lang. He must be a scholar with a high level of knowledge. He will definitely win the first prize and become a high official in the future!”
The smaller beggar next to him also followed with a silly smile: “I will definitely be the number one scholar!”
When Zhang Jian saw this scene, he frowned and said calmly:
“You two boys, don’t perform in front of me. You can’t hide what you do from me. The money doesn’t belong to you, right?
However, I noticed that although their complexions were sallow, they were full of energy, their limbs were strong, and their eyes had evil auras. It was obvious that they had done many things that were harmful to nature.
And you two are depleted of energy and blood, and you still have hidden wounds, so I helped you drive away those beggars, so you can take care of yourself! I can help you once, but you won’t be so lucky next time! ”
/He waved.
These words made everyone in the room fe