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in his eyes. David had a great reputation, and the record in the data made everyone who saw it suspicious.

A soldier, even a ‘sniper master’, can have such powerful combat power. Many extraordinary people have fallen under David’s hands. Super large enterprises have also been destroyed by David. Everything is more like a legend, not at all. reality.
Although ten ‘Poisonous Pink Moths’ are not very powerful, even Lieutenant Harcourt’s team of soldiers can spend some time to kill them, but some of David’s strength can also be seen through combat. .
The six soldiers who were preparing to fight were also a little stunned. They did not expect that David would rush forward directly. At this moment, even if they wanted to step forward to help, it was too late. They could only maintain the direction of the battle under the command of Second Lieutenant Harcourt. Push forward.
David opened his mouth, and the visor covered his face so that the ‘Poisonous Pink Moths’ could not detect his actions. Of course, even if the ‘Poisonous Pink Moths’ saw David’s opening of his mouth, they would not be able to detect it. What will be the reaction?
These ‘Poisonous Pink Moths’ would never have thought that a human being could emit ‘high-frequency sound waves’ that only the Zerg could produce.
/‘High-frequency sound waves’ ignore the defense of the outer shell and can only be resisted by the strength of the soul.
But how could the soul of an ordinary second-level Zerg be compared with David’s soul? A silent ‘high-frequency sound wave’ that was so transparent that it could not be detected was emitted from David’s mouth.
The bodies of the ten ‘Poisonous Pink Moths’ that were still ten meters away from David suddenly stopped in flight. During this time, David rushed into the group of ‘Poisonous Pink Moths’.
During the charge, David took off the third-level heavy ax from his back. He did not use the “Heavy Ax Master” ability. He did not need high-end combat power to deal with enemies who lost control in a short period of time.
He turned around in the group of ‘Poisonous Pink Moths’, and the third-level heavy ax swept across.
The body of the second-level Zerg ‘Poisonous Powder Moth’ was like paper, easily cut into two pieces by a third-level heavy axe.
David only spun twice, took one second, and the battle was over.
After each ‘poison powder moth’ was killed, the poison powder on its body would explode in all directions. Even though David fought very fast, he was still wrapped in the poison powder.
David immediately retreated after getting rid of the ‘poison powder moths’. When he entered the group of ‘poison powder moths’, he turned on the energy shield on the customized exoskeleton armor.
This energy shield does not have much defensive capabilities. It is mainly used to block the conduction of sound waves. It has a very weak physical blocking effect.
No matter how weak the physical blocking effect is, it still has a great effect on the poison powder.
After David exited the range of the poison powder, the energy shield suddenly