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an kept walking forward.

A moment later, Zhang Jian saw a huge frozen river. This river was extremely vast and deserted, with only white mist covering the ice.
Zhang Jian felt a terrifying chill from this terrifying river.
There is a vague feeling of the frozen world, and the eternal loneliness of the frozen Taoist heart.
/Zhang Jian was slightly surprised. He crossed the frozen river and saw a very unique sight. A small stone house appeared on the bank of the river.
The stone house was built to look like a small courtyard. At this time, the small courtyard was completely frozen by Xuan Ming’s divine power.
Zhang Jian took a look at the small courtyard.
It was an ordinary courtyard, with wing rooms on the left and right, and an ancient well in the middle.
Beside the ancient well, I saw a strange line of dragon and phoenix treasure seal characters carved on the ground with dragons flying and phoenixes dancing.
Zhang Jian was no stranger to dragon and phoenix seal scripts. He just glanced at them and his eyes suddenly felt strange.
“Haotian, you can’t contain this god!”
Emperor Haotian, this is the taboo name of a certain Heavenly Emperor after the ancient times.
However, this Heavenly Emperor did not reign for long, and was followed by the Jade Emperor.
It seemed that the imprisoned Dao Lord had escaped.
I don’t know what method he thought of to escape from the eternal immortal prison.
Even the powerful Black Teeth Dao Lord was suppressed to death and the Nine Phoenix Great God couldn’t escape, but he was able to escape.
Zhang Jian was secretly surprised.
But why did Jiufeng lead him into this place?
Could it be that she wanted him to understand the other party’s method of escaping from prison and help her?
If this were the case, Jiu Feng would think too highly of him!
Zhang Jian scanned the ice-covered stone house, but he did not enter it.
There were many twisted laws of the avenue inside and outside the stone house, and entering them might cause more trouble than benefits. At that moment, he turned around and left.
After he left this place, there was only one road left in the void.
He stepped into it. This chaotic path was extremely long. Zhang Jian faintly felt that as his steps went deeper, the inside became colder and colder, and a chill of eternal loneliness emanated from the inside.
Even Zhang Jian Daoxing felt a chill from his heart at this time.
The path formed by the chaotic airflow under the feet was gradually blocked by ice.
/Zhang Jian gradually felt that he could not bear this terrifying chill. The Earth Emperor Ancestral Qi and even the Dao Fruit Immortal Light under his control were faintly operating uneasily. At the moment, he could only activate the Nine-turn Chaos Green Lotus Transformation Technique of his innate magical power.
Channels of chaotic air burst out from his body, and he felt much better now.
Around him, as far as he could see, there were layers of blizzards falling unknowingly. These blizzards fell, covering the sky and the sun.
At this moment, even Zhang Ji