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anterns, Goddess Qingxia’s eyes lit up. She waved her hand casually, and these golden lanterns suddenly turned into a ball of lights exuding hope and appeared in her palm.

After a little contact, Goddess Qingxia immediately knew that the purple golden lantern in front of her, like the merit lotus before, was somewhere between intangible and tangible.
It is a kind of merit-like instrument and is extremely precious.
Golden lanterns usually represent hope.
The dozens of purple-qi golden lamps in front of you can also burn away distracting thoughts, protect the soul, and have the power of hope to break the catastrophe of the world. They are extremely precious.
This kind of treasure can only be refined by those with great magical powers. Carrying this treasure often represents one’s own identity.
It’s like a chariot and a human being.
It will be of great benefit to her.
Goddess Qingxia’s eyes revealed joy, and it was obvious that she was extremely satisfied.
“This purple qi golden lantern will also help me in my next breakthrough. The purple qi golden lantern plus the merit treasure lotus are enough to survive the ordeal!”
With a wave of her hand, she directly put a dozen golden lamps into her body and blended them into the body-protecting fairy light, but her expression was a bit thoughtful.
This time she didn’t know how to give back.
It is obviously not suitable to use Yaochi golden lotus seeds this time.
It’s not that Yaochi golden lotus seeds are not precious.
But I am afraid of comparison.
She has already given it twice in the early stage, but this time, both the flawless incense and the quality of the meritorious instruments have been improved. If the reward she gives is too perfunctory, it will weaken the opponent’s filial piety!
After thinking for a moment, Goddess Qingxia stood up and entered the Danque, but she found an ever-burning lamp deep in her bedroom.
Red flames are burning inside the ever-lasting lamp. This ever-lasting lamp is very strange, with red dragon patterns all over the lamp.
Goddess Qingxia touched it casually, and a red light was immediately taken out from the everlasting lamp.
A red bead formed by the flow of countless fire dragons suddenly appeared in her hand.
Red Dragon Ball.
This red dragon bead is not a dragon bead in the traditional sense, but a luck treasure, such as a luck golden bead, but it is even more magical. It was a treasure given to her by the Holy Mother of God after she became enlightened.
/Of course, for her after she became an immortal, this orb was more of a symbol of glory.
Currently it is a slightly more precious decoration.
/This orb can be regarded as the only treasure on her body that is suitable for throwing.
With a thought, the Qingxia Goddess summoned the Qingluan Bird to drop the Red Dragon Pearl.
At the same time, the goddess also made up her mind that after breaking through the realm, she would go out to do some activities and hunt for wild food. Otherwise, the ancestors would not be able to bring out enough food, which would be embarra