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ep voice.

The fourth-level heavy sword in his hand swung out and struck a bolt of lightning. The lightning tried to avoid it, but it was a step too slow.
The fourth-level heavy sword stabbed the thunder light, and the thunder light made a sharp cry, and then the thunder light transformed into the body of the ‘Electric Scorpion’.
The fourth-level epee was passing through the body of ‘Electric Scorpion’, pinning it to the ground.
Although this ‘Electric Scorpion’ was nailed to the ground, it did not die immediately. It struggled wildly, trying to break free from the fourth-level epee, but how could Baron Du Bois let it escape.
If it wasn’t for Knight Miller to see clearly what the ‘Electric Scorpion’ looked like, Baron Dubois’s sword would have pierced the ‘Electric Scorpion”s head.
“Uncle Dubois, be careful!” David quickly warned as the shadow attendant in the sky saw a large amount of lightning gathering together, and dozens of lightning bolts appeared in succession, flying towards Baron Dubois.
Baron Dubois waved his hand, and a ‘magic talisman’ appeared in his hand and was activated, and an energy shield enveloped him.
Then thunder and lightning fell from the sky, constantly hitting the energy shield.
/This is also the last fatal blow of the ‘Electric Scorpion’. It will attract all the nearby thunder and lightning. Unfortunately, the Baron Dubois it wants to deal with is too strong and he is a rich nobleman. It wants to hurt him. Baron Du Bois was impossible to achieve.
/“Miller, you still need to strengthen your practice. You can’t sense the attack of this level of Zerg in advance. How can you survive the war!” Baron Dubois said to Knight Miller in a deep voice.
After saying that, the fourth-level epee in Baron Du Bois’s hand stirred, shattering the heart of the ‘Electric Scorpion’, and the breath of life of the ‘Electric Scorpion’ disappeared.
Shadow Attendant flew to the body of ‘Electric Scorpion’ in the void and absorbed its soul.
Baron Du Bois frowned. In his perception, something seemed to have disappeared during the death of the ‘Electric Scorpion’, but he could not tell what it was.
When David first got the Shadow Attendant, it was still possible for a strong person to discover the Shadow Attendant at that time, but after the Shadow Attendant absorbed a large number of souls, the Shadow Attendant now cannot be discovered no matter where he moves.
Even that time when the fifth-level Zerg ‘Half Spider Queen’ sensed through the space wormhole, she didn’t find the Shadow Warrior, which explains the problem.
Baron Du Bois has not researched the soul. He is a high-level knight who specializes in combat. If this were a soul researcher in the divine world, he might find the abnormality of the ‘Electric Scorpion’, but he would also not be able to find the shadow. Attendant.
Maybe because he was used to having Shadow Waiter hidden around him, David never noticed the special thing about Shadow Waiter.
Shadow Attendant can make Baron Dubois and even the fifth-level Zerg unable to detect it. In essence