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Sun Yao.”

Sun Yao.”
I looked at Fan Zhen in disbelief. Fan Zhen sighed and said, “The psychological warfare you used against Sun Yao was exactly what the murderer wanted to see. , he also created such an illusion for you, so it is logical to kill Sun Yao later. Because he is suspected, then let him commit suicide out of fear of crime. This is the murderer’s plan. Ma Liyang’s daughter is the murderer who arranged for you. so we were on guard against everyone, but not this girl.”
Hearing Fan Zhen say this, I became more and more curious and wanted to know what the girl said in the end, but I did not continue to ask, because After saying this, Fan Zhen changed the subject again. He said: “You know why when you ask a girl, she is unwilling to say even a word no matter how you ask her. But after arriving at the police station, she almost didn’t ask any questions.” I said it myself.”
I actually vaguely knew the answer because I had asked this question before, but I didn’t say it. Instead, I listened to Fan Zhen continue talking. He said: “Because there was someone she was afraid of at the scene, and she was Dare not say anything. ”
I said: “I thought so at the time, but I thought that person was Sun Yao, so…”
I couldn’t go on anymore because it turned out that I had misunderstood Sun Yao. Fan Zhen said: “She was afraid. It’s not Sun Yao, it’s you, so from beginning to end, no matter what you said or asked, she remained silent. When he said this ,
Fan Zhen sighed and said: “The inside story of this case is far more complicated than you think. For your own good, I can’t tell you all the facts. There are some that I feel I must tell you to prevent you from committing the crime.” The same mistake is made by asking you to think back and see what you can recall. The girl said that she saw you after Ma Liyang died. ”
even more shocked and speechless, but Fan Zhen just passed this sentence in passing. , and then he said: “We did a comprehensive physical examination on Ma Liyang’s daughter, and we also learned from her mouth that she had been abused by Ma Liyang for a long time, and every time Ma Liyang cut up the body, she would be kept aside. Look, what makes people feel even more incredible is that she knows that the meat sauce at home is made by those who dismembered corpses, but she still eats it as usual, so it is not unusual for her to show that side in front of you. I’m done.”
/What Fan Zhen said next made my scalp go numb. I just felt like something was churning in my stomach, as if I wanted to vomit it out. I couldn’t say a word. Fan Zhen said, “Okay. I have said everything I should say. Don’t think too much about it. The reason why I am telling you this is just to tell you that Sun Yao’s death was not your fault. The murderer’s target was him from the beginning. Now we have to figure it out. The most important thing is, why did the murderer want to kill him? If you think of anything, you must tell me as soon as possible.”
I don’t know how I came out of Fan Zhen’s office. I didn’t go back to the office, but w