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nds and said extremely sincerely:

“Mr. Hanged Man, that’s not necessary. You always gave me advice and helped me face difficulties. This is my gratitude.”
If “The World” were a real person and was drinking water, all the liquid in his mouth would have been sprayed out at this moment. Fortunately, he was not drinking water, and he was not a real person. “The Fool” Klein used up all the “Joker” With his extraordinary ability, he could barely restrain the changes in his facial expressions.
“””The Hanged Man” didn’t know what to say for a moment, and “The Sun”‘s answer was completely beyond his expectation.
He has been floating on the sea for so many years and has experienced many things. His thoughts and opinions have long since changed from black and white to mainly gray. But at this moment, he felt a little ashamed for no reason.
“Your character is really admirable.” Alger quickly returned to his normal state and praised the little “Sun”.
/If you don’t want to imitate me, why don’t you just change your sentence? “The World” glanced at “The Hanged Man”, while “The Fool” secretly sighed that all old fritters are the same.
Stupid donkey, no, even stupider than a donkey. The stupid sheep “Moon” Emlyn silently slandered “The Sun”.
Since this morning, he has been looking forward to this tarot meeting because he has been successfully promoted to baron and wants to find an opportunity to show off without leaving any trace.
They may not be able to see that, except Mr. Fool, “The Hanged Man” should be able to guess what I have to do later to let them know that I am already a noble baron. Emlyn listened and thought.
“Justice” Audrey was not jealous or angry about the words of the little “Sun” because she knew very well that Mr. “The Hanged Man” was mainly responsible for guiding the other party every time, and she and others only gave some advice occasionally.
Being a good person will naturally lead to good rewards. She hoped that Mr. “The Hanged Man” could become kinder from now on. She looked at the opposite side with joy. She had no impulse to spend money to obtain a way to separate the mental pollution within the extraordinary characteristics for the time being.
Derrick the Sun quickly turned around, obtained Mr. Fool’s consent, and soon revealed two pieces of yellow-brown parchment.
Klein manipulated “The World” to take one and scanned it impatiently:
/“Two methods, one is to use items that can steal other people’s extraordinary abilities to steal the remaining mental pollution of the out-of-control person, and then prepare the extraordinary characteristics into a potion before the theft fails. In this way, the mental pollution will not Return, but dissipate directly.
“The second is to arrange a ceremony, pray to one of the two powerful magical items in our Silver City, and use its feedback to crush the extraordinary characteristics and let the mental pollution evaporate. After that, the extraordinary characteristics will slowly gather on their own.
“I can only get the corresponding ritual process, but I can