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o earn the value of this bottle of third-level potion.

He looked up. When he fell, he saw that the hole had many branches, and he fell into it from one of the branches.
Thinking about it, it will take some time for Lake and Jonah to find him. He may be able to escape.
Thinking of this, Archie’s extraordinary spirit was shaken, and he regained strength in his body.
“He actually hid in the cave!” Lake Chaofan said helplessly as he looked at the entrance of the cave.
Moreover, this cave is also the Zerg’s favorite place to stay. If there is a third-level Zerg inside, even he may die if he goes down rashly.
“Wait a minute David, there may be a way to track him!” Jonah Chaofan said with a headache.
If Jonah was the only one present at this moment, he might consider turning around and leaving. If Archie entered the cave, he would have a high probability of death.
But he had made a promise before, and in front of Lake’s extraordinary presence, he couldn’t leave like this.
The two extraordinary men only waited for more than ten seconds before David arrived.
“David, I’m going to trouble you again. Archie escaped into the cave. You stay behind me later and just point out the direction. We will explore the way in front!” Jonah Chaofan said very embarrassed.
“Okay!” David was not too worried about the environment in the cave. With the shadow attendant by his side, he could observe everything 40 meters around him and detect danger in advance.
Jonah Chaofan jumped down, his body slowly descended, Lake Chaofan nodded to David, and then also jumped down.
David contacted Xiaobai and jumped into the hole.
Following that trace of breath, the two Chaoyangs were in front, and David was behind. They passed through more than ten cave entrances and arrived at the bottom of the cave.
/“Archie was here just now. He used the third-level healing potion. He probably has regained some combat effectiveness now. David, don’t leave our side!” Jonah Chaofan picked up an empty bottle from the ground and dipped a little of it with his index finger. After being exposed to the liquid, the extraordinary armor automatically analyzed it, and finally he said with certainty.
“David, which direction did Archie go?” Lake Chaofan used the light source on the extraordinary armor to see the surrounding environment clearly, and turned to David and asked.
David didn’t answer immediately. The guidance he received from Xiaobai made him very strange, because the direction pointed by Xiaobai was at his feet.
But under his feet, there was thick soil.
So David used some of his concentration to control the Shadow Warrior to explore underground. About ten meters underground, he saw a head with part of the extraordinary armor on the head.
Shadow Warrior also absorbed a powerful soul, which should be Archie’s extraordinary soul.
From the severed part of the skull, it could be seen that the extraordinary armor had been torn open, which made David almost unable to believe what Shadow Waiter discovered.
Extraordinary armor is made of third-grade materials, a