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ird-level shield, and his mouth suddenly felt dry.

He immediately understood what kind of existence had just attacked David through the space wormhole. David was actually still alive under the attack of that existence, and the only injury he suffered was this.
David woke up ten minutes later. When he woke up, he found himself in the genetic repair cabin.
Babington Chaofan was standing outside the genetic repair cabin, looking at him with a strange expression.
David looked at his current situation. He was still wearing his military uniform and had not taken it off completely.
He felt that the injury was healing rapidly. Needless to say, this was the effect of the third-level treatment potion. Although the injury of cracked bones sounded scary, in fact, as long as it was not completely disconnected, this kind of injury would recover very quickly.
Normally, this kind of injury does not require the use of third-level treatment potions, but Babington Chaofan knew that the situation at this time was special. The military could not send many reinforcements, and the frontline base defense line could not bring back manpower.
Fortunately, they repelled the sudden attack by the Zerg, and the chance of another attack in a short time was not high.
But Babington still needs David to recover quickly and guard the base headquarters with him.
After another five minutes, David felt that all the injuries in his body were completely recovered, and the gene repair cabin also showed a green light, which was a signal to scan his body for recovery.
David pressed the button, the genetic repair fluid was extracted, and he walked out of the genetic repair cabin.
“David, I know you kill a lot of extraordinary people, but your hobby is really intolerable!” Babington said, pointing at David’s arms and legs.
David couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He understood what Babington meant by being extraordinary, because there were extraordinary wrist guards on David’s arms and legs.
/This is probably why Babington Chaofan came to take care of David personally. He didn’t want others to know that David had so many space wristbands.
It’s hard for David to explain. This is not a quirk, but that he can actually use the space wrist guards.
“Okay, change it quickly. Fortunately, you can repair the exoskeleton armor yourself. Repair your own exoskeleton armor quickly. I need you to regain your combat effectiveness as soon as possible!” Babington Chaofan saw David’s look and said, He couldn’t help but wave his hand and said.
David nodded. He went to the bathroom nearby to wash off the genetic repair fluid on his body, and then took the exoskeleton armor to the maintenance department.
“Major, you’re here!” Lieutenant Fisher greeted David immediately when he saw David walking into his maintenance room.
“I want to borrow your equipment!” David was not polite. Time was very important at the moment, so he demanded directly.
“Yes!” Lieutenant Fisher immediately stopped what he was doing and said.
/The custom-made exoskeleton armor was severely damaged