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strong ability, these executives might be affected by the two masters. It’s not professional, and it gives birth to some alien thoughts.

Although there was subsequent investigation by the Kerr Intelligence Organization, nothing could be better than prevention beforehand.
While the meeting in the office was still going on, a staff member quickly ran in and whispered a few words in Master Alva’s ear.
“Sir, Mayor Ned of Chia City will be here soon. Healy and I need to go out to greet him!” Master Alva interrupted the executive’s report and said.
“Why did Mayor Ned come here?” When David heard that it was Mayor Ned, he couldn’t help but wonder what the relationship between Mayor Ned and Kerr Asset Management Company was, so he asked.
“Our recent circulation of credit points has been too large. The government hopes that we will use part of our investment in Chia City. We are also studying the corresponding rate of return. We have not made a decision yet. Unexpectedly, Mayor Ned came here in person!” Al Master Wa said with a helpless smile.
Large investments cannot be hidden from interested people, especially the government. If the government wants to achieve political achievements, it naturally needs the support of this emerging wealthy people.
“I’ll go out with you!” David stood up and said.
/“My lord, your identity!” Master Alva reminded.
To know that David came here, only the executives had some guesses about David’s identity, but they still didn’t know that David was the sniper master with terrifying combat power. They only knew that David was a low-key rich man with amazing wealth.
Once these large credits are associated with David, the origins of these credits will also become known.
David is not worried at all. The wealth here is nothing. Even behemoths like the Ertuo Fund are in his hands. The assets here can only be regarded as trivial.
“It’s okay, I have to greet Mayor Ned when he comes!” David decided without further explanation, waving his hand.
When everyone came to the lobby, they saw the director of the public relations department receiving Mayor Ned. Mayor Ned and several entourages were listening to the introduction of the director of the public relations department, and happened to see a group of people coming.
Master Alva was about to step forward to say hello when he saw David taking two steps forward and walking up to Mayor Ned.
“Second uncle, hello!” David said with a slight bow.
David’s title stunned everyone present. Mayor Ned was no ordinary official. Chia City was the largest city on Lenka, and Lenka was the main star of the Iridia star field.
Although Mayor Ned is only a mayor, his political status is not low, and he has a bright future.
In addition, everyone knows that the family behind Mayor Ned is even more terrifying, and it controls a large say in the Iridia Star Territory.
“David, why are you here?” Mayor Ned was stunned when he saw David, but he immediately smiled and stepped forward to hold David’s hand and asked.
David is recognized by Emma’s mother, Lady Amelia, and