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Zerg. Whether they are mercenaries, soldiers in the city, or military soldiers, they all need to face the Zerg.

Therefore, soldiers in the war zone, whether they are forcibly promoted using strengthening potions or not, need to hone their combat skills in order to survive the battle with the Zerg.
But the mercenaries in peaceful areas are different. Most of their mission targets are ordinary people, and the most powerful targets are just soldiers like them.
In a battle of this intensity, it is difficult to develop strong combat qualities, not to mention that the mercenary group itself uses them as consumables to train them, and a large amount of resources and energy are placed on elite soldiers.
/David’s battle with the twelve soldiers went without any setbacks. When they reached the middle of the soldiers’ fighting formation, the remaining soldiers collapsed. They gave up the fight and tried to escape.
But in this case, there was only one front and back passage, and the speed was not as fast as David’s, so how could he escape.
Not even a single soldier could run ten steps before he was cut down to the ground.
“So poor!” David looked at the corpses on the ground and couldn’t find a second-level weapon, so he couldn’t help but shook his head and said.
This time David did not leave immediately, but bent down and captured a soldier whom he especially spared his life.
This soldier was the captain of this squad of soldiers. At this time, he was hit in the chest with the back of an ax by David, breaking several ribs. The broken ribs were pressed against the heart and inner abdomen. Only this As soon as the captain moves, death awaits him.
This is also intentional in David’s power control. The huge difference in combat power allows David to still have some power to control his power in a battle against twelve.
“I will not betray the mercenary group, David, you can’t escape!” The captain spit out blood from his mouth and said forcefully.
David ignored his words. The ‘K4 military electronic countermeasures optical brain’ on his arm shot out two connecting lines and connected them to the side of the captain’s exoskeleton armor.
“What are you going to do?” The captain was shocked when he noticed David’s actions and shouted loudly.
He wanted to use the channel to notify other groups, but he found that he couldn’t open the channel at all.
David showed a satisfied smile. Through the connection just now, he had copied the other party’s communication channel.
As long as the other party does not notice that he has entered the communication channel and does not switch to other channels, he can listen to the other party’s conversation at any time.
The reason why the exoskeleton armor of dead soldiers is not used is related to the defense mechanism. As long as the soldier dies, the exoskeleton armor will automatically turn off, and the relevant channel information and so on will be automatically cleared.
David threw the captain in his hand against the wall next to him. The captain hit the wall, and the immediately brok